The management of Nancefield Electric Motors are commited to :

  • Provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from our work activities
  •  Consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety
  •  Provide safe plant, tools and equipment in-house and on-site
  •  Ensure safe handling practices and use of suitable substances
  •  Provide information, instructions and use of suitable personnel protective equipment (PPE’s)
  •  Ensure personnel are competent to do their tasks and provide adequate training when required
  •  Prevent accidents and cases of work related ill-health and potential causes
  •  Maintain a safe and healthy working conditions in-house and on-site
  • Review and revise this occupational health and safety policy as necessary at regular intervals

Nancefield Electric Motors  provides a safe and healthy environment for all personnel employed or customers visiting our company

The company will make available, appropriate resources to ensure that it complies in all aspects with the relevant occupational health and safety act and regulations 85 of 1993

The promotion of health and safety in the organization is primarily the responsibility of management. Management at all levels in the organization is required to contribute to the health and safety of all personnel in the workplace and on-site activities

The management of Nancefield Electric Motors cc is responsible for the development, implementation and review in consultation with the employees to ensure that the following objectives are achieved